Since Dying Light 2 released on Xbox, there's been a lot of discussion surrounding each version of the game. While the Xbox Series X and PS5 ports are broadly similar, the Xbox Series S version contains limited performance options. One of the game's lead designers has now explained why.

The 30fps limit in Dying Light 2 seems to come down to the weaker GPU that's in the Xbox Series S. Tymon Smektała, lead designer on Dying Light 2, revealed this limitation when responding to fan concerns.

The good news is that the developer is aware of the requested improvements, which could lead to a 60fps mode in future. The team has acknowledged fan concerns, but any improvements for Microsoft's lower-spec system will take time.

Smektała also gave a little insight into what causes these performance limitations. The lead designer cited the density of Dying Light 2's open world as a problem for hitting higher frame rates on Xbox Series S.

So, the developer has seen all of the fan concerns, but it looks like any performance gains for Series S will take some time to implement. If you're on Xbox Series X though, you're getting even more performance options in the next patch.

Are you a Series S player? Does the 30fps cap bother you? Let us know your thoughts below.