Halo Infinite
Image: 343 Industries, Xbox

Yesterday, 343 Industries released an overview video of the upcoming winter update for Halo Infinite. It's set to feature campaign co-op, new multiplayer content and the next generation of Forge.

If you're wondering about the future of the game beyond this, 343 community director Brian Jarrard has taken to social media to confirm the team is "far from done" and teasing that there's some "good stuff" in the works.

Brian Jarrard: Winter Update will be a huge step forward but we’re far from done. I know there’s eagerness for improvements in a number of areas. This will start on Nov. 8 but there’s a lot of great work happening with more targeted by end of year and beyond.

We’ve previously shared high level experience goal priorities and will share specifics once each update scope is finalized. Work is ongoing, velocity has increased, and it’s truly all hands on deck. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Today I had a chance to jump into an in-person playtest for the first time in a while. Played some post Winter Update builds and let me just say my PC reticule… was red. We’ve got good stuff cooking.

There have been a number of stories floating about in recent times about the future of Halo Infinite. One suggests the series could be switching engines, while the other apparently has a large amount of developers working on it, that's described as something "big and new" for the Halo series.

Halo Infinite's winter update will arrive on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC on November 18th. What would you like to see from this live service moving forward? Leave your thoughts below.