Multiple Rumours Suggest Halo Could Be Switching To Unreal Engine

Is Halo preparing to switch to a new engine? That's what multiple rumours have stated over the past 24 hours-or-so, with a suggestion that the new battle royale-like project (known as "Tatanka") could utilise the new engine, potentially dropping years' worth of work on Halo Infinite's Slipspace Engine in the process.

YouTuber Sean W and ACG's Jeremy Penter have both been discussing this on social media, and now Windows Central has also chimed in - according to their "rumour mill" report, the information about a switch to a new engine is "certainly looking as though it could be true".

"It seems that indeed, Halo may be gearing up to switch to the Unreal Engine. Sean W's report was also corroborated by ACG's Jeremy Penter, as well as our own sources."

Windows Central says that it has "some tentative indication" that the change to Unreal Engine could extend across the entire future of the franchise beyond Tatanka, which it speculates could be a good thing - the outlet has reportedly spoken to former and current staff at 343 Industries who have blamed much of Halo Infinite's ongoing development problems with the "difficult" Slipspace Engine.

All of this should still be taken with a pinch of salt for now - hopefully we'll get some clarification pretty soon.

What are your thoughts on an engine switch for the Halo franchise? Let us know down below.

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