343 Industries has dropped a new ViDoc detailing its Halo Infinite winter update; the biggest content drop for Infinite since its launch late last year. The update is split into three core components: what's new for standard multiplayer, the campaign co-op launch, and Forge mode; Halo's suite of community creation tools. There's a lot packed into this one, so much so that it feels like a 2022 relaunch for Halo Infinite. Let's dig in.

Halo Infinite Campaign Co-Op

Let's start with the big one; online campaign co-op. We recently had to stomach the news that local campaign co-op has been cancelled, but the online version is finally coming and it looks really robust here. The mode supports up to four players over Xbox Live, and each player's progress is saved after a session.

343 says that the game will work out who's furthest back in the story and start things off from there, ensuring no-one misses a story beat throughout co-op play. Things like spartan cores and other collectables are also saved per player, meaning you won't miss out on any single-player bonuses by playing online co-op.

In regards to co-op limits, the team has created an 'area of operations' about double the size of the game's largest enemy base, so that players have plenty of room to operate in during co-op play. If players do fall in battle, they'll spawn next to a 'safe' co-op partner, with the same equipment they were holding upon death.

New Halo Infinite Multiplayer Content

Core multiplayer is getting a bit of an overhaul in the winter update too, at least when it comes to progression. After many fan requests, the team has built a separate XP system to the game's battle pass progression, one that rewards players with match XP and bonus XP for things like wins and impressive individual performances. 343 says that the new XP system will help speed up battle pass progression too, rewarding players for performing well.

Two new Arena multiplayer maps are also coming next month as part of the update: Argyle, and Detachment. These are both Forge-built arenas that make use of 343's impressive toolset, which will allow plenty of user creations as well. You'll be able to test both of these maps out on the new 'Covert One-Flag' mode, an asymmetrical mode coming to Halo Infinite Arena multiplayer.

Halo Infinite Forge Mode Is Coming

Speaking of Forge, a large portion of the ViDoc is dedicated to 343's upcoming toolset, and it's clear that the future of Halo Infinite will lean on Forge mode quite a bit. It'll be in "open beta" when Forge launches next month, but the tools look pretty robust even at this stage.

The team is keen to note that even though it's launching as a beta, any Forge community creations built right now will still work when the mode moves to its full release. So, we can all start building and playing community games to our hearts' content as early as next month!

Halo Infinite's winter update arrives on November 8th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, where all of these additions launch alongside a new 30-tier battle pass for 343's latest Halo title.

Is this the big update needed to push you back into the world of Halo Infinite? Let us know your thoughts on all this down below.