Grounded 1.0 Xbox

Two more titles are coming to Xbox Game Pass today, September 27th, including one switch over from early access. That'll be Grounded, which leaves Xbox Game Preview today for its full 1.0 launch, while the metroidvania Moonscars also hits the Game Pass library today.

Here's a bit more about today's new Xbox Game Pass titles:

Grounded 1.0 (Console, PC, Cloud - 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm BST)

Shelter and tools are critical to your survival. Build epic bases to protect you and your stuff from the insects and the elements. Craft weapons, tools, and armor, allowing you to better fight, explore and survive.

Moonscars (Console, PC, Cloud - 9am PT / 1pm ET / 5pm BST)

Push the limits of your combat skills, and master new abilities to progress through an unforgiving nonlinear 2D world. Face off against the relentless darkness that seeks to destroy you. In Moonscars, every death is a lesson learnt—and as you overcome each challenge, new truths will be revealed.

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