Xbox Quick Resume
Image: Eden Marie, Xbox

'Quick Resume' was one of Xbox's big new features at the turn of the console generation, allowing users to pick up games right where they left off from a previous session. The feature is a solid one, although it can be spotty in terms of functionality with certain games. Well, Xbox's Phil Spencer has taken to Twitter to tell us that the feature may be getting updated fairly soon.

One Xbox fan took to the social media platform to talk about how Quick Resume often breaks when playing online-only games, and that they wish Xbox had an option to turn the feature off for select titles. Here's Phil's response:

This is promising - at least we now know that this change is on the list at team Xbox! Online-only issues with Quick Resume have been a point of contention in the past, so this is certainly a fix that Xbox fans will welcome.

Back in March, Xbox's monthly update expanded the feature by adding a 'pins' option, where users can choose two titles to keep in Quick Resume indefinitely. The Xbox Series X|S exclusive feature is still a top priority for Microsoft it seems!

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