Quick Resume Improvements Are A High Priority, Confirms Xbox Exec

We've heard on a few occasions over the past few weeks that Microsoft is hoping to improve Quick Resume on Xbox Series X and S in the near future, and now Xbox exec Jason Ronald has touched on this topic once again.

Speaking as part of Major Nelson's latest podcast, Ronald explained that the team has had a lot of feedback about how to improve the feature, and the team is classing Quick Resume as a "high priority."

"One area that we really focused on was at launch, we had to disable Quick Resume, on some titles in the launch window. The team's been working really hard to be able to re-enable those titles so that people are getting that great, Quick Resume experience on all the titles that people are playing."

"We've also seen the feedback about people want more understanding of how Quick Resume works and more control over the experience. These [along with mobile app and Game DVR improvements], are all areas that are really high priorities for us, as we're looking at future updates over the coming months and you'll be able to start seeing some of these experiences in the Insider rings really soon."

Previously, Ronald acknowledged back in December that fans had asked for "the ability to know which games are Quick Resume enabled versus not, or knowing which titles have a current Quick Resume state saved off", so it looks like we'll be getting these features (and hopefully some others) in the near future.

What improvements do you want to see for Quick Resume on Xbox Series X/S? Let us know down below.

[source majornelson.com]