Xbox Dashboard

Xbox has detailed its March dashboard update, and the headline changes relate to Quick Resume and the Series X|S controller's share button. Here's what's changing and how they're set to improve the Xbox experience.

Pin To Quick Resume

Quick Resume is getting a new feature involving pins. Basically, users will be able to pin two games of their choice to Quick Resume, meaning they'll be suspended indefinitely. These two pinned games will only drop out of Quick Resume once manually removed.

Xbox Image Pin To Quick Resume

Share Button Remapping

Next up, the Xbox controller's share button is getting remapping options. You'll be able to use the centrally located button for a whole host of other functions, including muting your TV, opening your friends list, opening achievements and more. This remapping option will be present in the Xbox Accessories app.

Xbox Wireless Controller Share Button

Audio Setup Wizard

The final notable change is a new option for audio setup. Xbox is building in an automated setup wizard that will detect your HDMI format and look at what options are available, like surround sound, Dolby Atmos and the likes. From what we can gather there's no new audio options in here, but this automated feature is useful for those who aren't sure what their setup supports.

Xbox Audio

What games will you be permanently pinning to Quick Resume? Let us know in the comments.