Xbox Fans Highlight Quick Resume Issues With Online Games

The Quick Resume feature on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S is a fantastic one if you want to instantly jump back into a single-player campaign, for example, but games that require an online connection aren't always as smooth.

As the majority of us have probably experienced at this point, always-online games will kick you out of the servers when you use Quick Resume, which is to be expected, but then sometimes don't allow you to reconnect without manually restarting the title all over again. The topic has resurfaced again recently over on social media:

As mentioned in the tweets, this isn't a problem that is exclusive to all always-online Xbox Series X and S games, but instead shows up on a case-by-case basis, which suggests some developers have found a way to work around it.

Hopefully as this generation rolls on, the Xbox team will continue to work with developers to make Quick Resume even more seamless, and these always-online issues will eventually become a thing of the past. Fingers crossed!

Do you have problems using Quick Resume sometimes on Xbox? Tell us down below.

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