Xbox's 'Achievement Hunter' Sale Includes Games That Don't Have Achievements
Image: Photo Of A Boy Covering His Eyes, Pexels

Earlier this week, Microsoft treated us to a huge batch of new Xbox sales spanning over 400 games, but as many Xbox fans have been pointing out over the past few days, some of them weren't exactly named particularly well.

Take the 'Achievement Hunter' sale, for example. A lot of the games in this sale aren't actually very good for achievements at all, and two of them - TimeSplitters 2 and TimeSplitters Future Perfect - don't include achievements whatsoever!

Bit of a weird decision to add them, then...

In addition, it's been pointed out that in Canada, the "Games Under $20" sale doesn't actually apply for many titles as they're over $20, which has led some mild frustration amongst Xbox owners in the region.

We've noticed that in the UK at least, Microsoft seems to have taken action with this sale and renamed it from the "Games Under $20" sale to the "Super Saver Sale", so it looks like they realised their mistake.

This isn't the first time we've seen something like this lately, as Microsoft Rewards recently pretended that achievements existed in original Xbox games, so it looks like there's just not much care being put into the titles of certain offers right now.

And listen, we're not trying to rag on Xbox too much here, as we're certainly grateful for the 400+ games that have been put on sale this week... but maybe the team needs to go back to the drawing board with some of these headings?

We'd say so.

Have you noticed this on any other occasions? Tell us down in the comments below.