Blinx Xbox

Microsoft Rewards throws up its fair share of weird objectives and strange bugs on Xbox. This one might take the cake though, as Microsoft's recent 'Animal Antics' punch card is asking us to earn an achievement in... Blinx: The Time Sweeper.

That's right, the official MS Rewards app is tasking us with earning an achievement in a game that doesn't support them. No original Xbox games support achievements, so this is a weird objective indeed.

Thankfully, the punch card features nine other games that do support achievements, so at least it's not completely broken like the recent Forza Horizon 5 punch card. Still, why such an objective exists in the first place beats us!

Microsoft Rewards

Although, if Microsoft wants to consider adding achievements to Original Xbox games, we certainly wouldn't complain at that. Unlikely, we know, but achievements added to Blinx: The Time Sweeper among others would be fantastic!

Would you like to see achievements in OG Xbox games? Let us know in the comments.