Xbox Dashboard
Image: Klobrille on Twitter

It feels like we've been rocking some form of the current Xbox dashboard layout for quite a while now. Sure, when Xbox One first released things looked a fair bit different (good riddance to that UI) but in the years since say, Xbox One X launched, things have felt quite samey especially considering we're now into a new generation.

So, recently we've spent some time looking back at the Xbox dashboards of old. The Blades UI holds quite a bit of weight within the Xbox community, and we've seen some amazing modern Blades concept art doing the rounds lately. Could a version of that UI return? It seems unlikely, given Microsoft's admittedly jokey response to the matter.

In fact, we're actually really big fans of the Xbox 360 NXE dashboard. Sure, we know the sheer amount of content featured within these systems has grown massively since 2008, but we're not sure things have been quite as sleek since that point. The Blades would feel a bit cramped in 2022 we reckon, but NXE? Some form of that could really work with a few tweaks.

Xbox 360 Nxe

The recent era of Xbox has delivered a decent enough user interface experience, but there are still some big issues that don't appear to be getting solved. Activity feeds have been pretty much ruined in recent years, and don't even get us started on where local and online captures disappear to once you've hit that share button...

Whether Xbox decides to look at UI styles of the past, or wants to move forward with a completely new dashboard, this writer thinks it's about time for a big OS refresh. But, what do you folks think on this one? Are you happy with the current dash, or would you like to see a big change in the near future?

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Should Xbox Release A New Dashboard?