Random: Xbox 360 Blades UI For Game Pass Looks Awesome In Fan-Made Concept Art
Image: @_XboxNews on Twitter

Xbox 360's launch era, the time when the 'Blades' dashboard was front and centre for the console, is starting to hit all the right nostalgia notes. We've spotted quite a few fan-made concepts recently focusing on bringing back the Blades, and a new concept looks at how the UI could work with Xbox Game Pass.

This particular concept, posted by Xbox News, integrates Game Pass into the classic UI by separating each of Xbox's big first party collections (once the ActiBlizz deal goes through anyway), and it looks awesome!

Imagine Game Pass in the 360 era? That would have been amazing. Anyway, one day, we hope Xbox looks at bringing some form of the Blades back to Xbox. Microsoft could even implement a system where you choose a classic UI skin/theme for your modern Xbox dashboard. We can dream, eh?

What do you make of this concept? Would you like the see the return of the Blades? Let us know in the comments!