Random: Xbox Jokingly Says "NO" To The Return Of The 360 Blades Theme

If you hadn't already heard - Xbox's 20th-anniversary website is currently rocking the classic Xbox 360 blades design.

Sure enough, it's got fans talking about the possible return of the blades as a theme on Xbox Series X|S. If you were wondering if it's going to happen, it seems the question has already been asked.

From one Xbox employee to another, in fact.

Here's the funny exchange between Xbox engineering lead, Eden Marie, and Xbox software engineer, Brenna Duffitt:

In a follow-up tweet, Marie acknowledged it as a "spicy" joke tweet, but still admitted loving the blades theme. Whether this will lead to something though, sounds unlikely. In saying this, Marie was the one who led the charge for the return of Xbox 360 gamerpics.

Would you like to see Xbox add a blades theme to Xbox Series X|S in time for the 20th anniversary? Comment below.