Multiversus season 1 xbox

Following a short delay announced last week, WB Games has revealed exactly when MultiVersus Season 1 is set to launch. Mark your calendars for August 15th, with Season 1 set to kick off next Monday! Alongside the new date, the team has also stressed that plenty more content is coming later on in the season.

That starts off with the addition of Morty; the new character arrives on August 23rd. From there, we can expect plenty of "fun things to come" throughout the game's first season.

Some of those fun things include the 'Classic Arcade Mode', along with a brand-new ranked mode. Both additions are expected to arrive at some point during the season. Here's WB's current season 1 roadmap:

Multiversus Roadmap

During the preview period, we were really impressed with MultiVersus, and we feel it can really grow as the post-launch seasons arrive. Still, it's doing pretty well right out of the gate anyway, shooting to the top of the free-to-play Xbox charts shortly after release.

Are you looking forward to MultiVersus Season 1? Let us know how you're finding the game so far!