Xbox Is Adding New Symbols To The Game Tiles In Your Library
Image: Eden Marie, Xbox

If you're a member of the Alpha or Alpha Skip-Ahead Xbox Insider rings, you may have noticed some new badges appear on the tiles in your library of games, and the Xbox team has explained what these new symbols actually do.

As clarified by Xbox Engineer Eden Marie, these badges are intended to tell you either that a disc is required for the game to launch on your console, or that you don't have a license for the game for whatever reason:

In regards to the latter, you might see this warning symbol to indicate that the game has left Game Pass, for example (as Eden mentions), or perhaps it belongs to another user who hasn't provided you with access on the console.

Marie says that if you're not seeing the disc icon for games that should be displaying it, you may need to first relaunch the game from disc before it shows up, as the "disc cache has only been tracking for a year".

Expect a public release for this feature in the relatively near future, but it's for Xbox Insiders only for now.

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