SnowRunner Free Xbox Series X|S Upgrade Brings 4K/60 FPS To Game Pass

A good year ago now, Focus Home's excellent off-road sim, SnowRunner, came to Xbox Game Pass. While the current version is pretty solid, especially on Xbox Series X, the developer has been hard at work on a native next-gen version and, well, it launches today!

SnowRunner's next-gen port is delivering on what you'd expect for Xbox Series X|S, including up to 4K resolution and 60 frames per second. Here's a brief developer description on what's included:

With the power of the newest console generation, you’ll navigate the massively diverse terrain of SnowRunner’s biomes in gorgeous 4K|60 FPS detail, with revolutionary physics and haptic feedback support to feel every nuance of terrain under your tires.

This free upgrade drops alongside Season 7, dubbed 'Compete & Conquer'. It sounds like this is a paid DLC mind you, as the developer says you'll need the Year 2 Pass for access.

Will you be trying out SnowRunner's free Xbox Series X|S upgrade? Let us know down in the comments.