Lego Star Wars Xbox Stand
Image: Greg Miller via Twitter

We've seen, and used, our fair share of controller stands over the years. Sometimes they work as docking stations, other times as mere plastic stands but they usually have one thing in common: their size. However, this limited edition LEGO Star Wars stand is a bit... different, shall we say.

Kinda Funny's Greg Miller posted the behemoth on Twitter; part of an Xbox Series S bundle gifted to the influencer. It's built using LEGO bricks of course, and it's absolutely massive.

Also included is a Series S console and two controllers, to form what would be an amazing bundle. Sadly, us mere mortals can't buy one of these, but we can at least get stuck into LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, which we're very much enjoying.

What do you think of this massive controller stand? Let us know in the comments if you'd use it!