Netflix Games

Will anything ever be able to properly take on Game Pass? At the moment, Xbox's service is dominating the gaming conversion, especially following the Activision Blizzard purchase announced earlier this week. Netflix seems to think it can compete though, in time.

During a recent earnings call, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings discussed Netflix's gaming plans. In short, the company doesn't want to get further into gaming for the sake of it, they want to be the best.

"We're definitely 'crawl, walk, run' and, like, 'Let's nail the thing, and not just be in it for the sake of being in it or for a press release'. But we've got to please our members by having the absolute best in the category."

Netflix began to expand into gaming last year. The focus was, and still is mobile, but eventually you'd expect them to jump into more traditional console and PC gaming. Quite how that'd work, given Netflix's broad audience which may or may not own powerful hardware, remains to be seen.

It'd probably be all Cloud based, much like Xbox Cloud Gaming. However, game streaming tech is still a bit wonky, so that could explain why Netflix is in no hurry to go all in on gaming.

Do you think Netflix will truly take on Xbox Game Pass? Let us know below.

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