Battlefield 2042 Free Xbox Game Pass Trial Is Available Today
Image: EA Games / DICE

If you're eager to jump into Battlefield 2042, you can do so later today, as EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members are eligible to jump into the 10-hour free trial. Here's everything you need to know about it:

What Time Does Battlefield 2042's Free Trial Start On EA Play?

As per an EA Help page, players can dive in from 8am PT / 11am ET / 4pm GMT / 5pm CET. Anyone with a valid membership can experience ten hours of Battlefield 2042 before deciding whether to pick the game up or not.

How To Pre-Install The Battlefield 2042 Trial With EA Play

You can't pre-load the trial in a traditional sense, but if you visit the Xbox app on your phone, you can unofficially download it to your console that way. As a result, there will be no waiting around once the time hits.

Once the trial has officially begun, here's how you'll be able to find it on your Xbox console:

How To Find The Battlefield 2042 Free Trial On Xbox

  1. Go to the Microsoft Store app on your Xbox
  2. Search for 'Battlefield 2042'
  3. Find the standard version for your console and select it (eg. Battlefield 2042 for Xbox One)
  4. Slightly down the page, you should see an option for 'Free Trial'
  5. Select this, and your download should begin

What's even better is that the trial allows you several hours of play before the Ultimate and Gold editions are rolled out to the public on November 12th. It's a great chance at getting some early hours of play in if you're eager to get started.

If dropping upwards of £100 / $100 doesn't sound enticing for a fancy special edition, then the full launch is arriving next week on November 19th. You'll really have to stretch out those ten free hours as much as possible!

Will you be checking out Battlefield 2042's free trial? Let us know in the comments below.