Back 4 Blood Dev Promises To 'Address' Solo Campaign Concerns

Back 4 Blood has got off to a positive start in terms of gameplay feedback from its Deluxe and Ultimate Edition purchasers so far, but as we reported yesterday, there's been a major concern surrounding Solo Campaign mode.

In this single-player mode (with bots), the ability to progress by unlocking Supply Points is disabled, and even achievements can't be earned. However, with developer Turtle Rock Studios being bombarded with comments about this over the past 24 hours, the studio has issued a statement promising to "address the issue".

Back 4 Blood players have responded to this by suggesting the developer either makes Solo Campaign equal to the rest of the game in terms of unlocking Supply Points, or just provides slightly reduced rewards compared to multiplayer. It might take a bit of tinkering, as unlike the multiplayer component, Solo Campaign actually unlocks all gameplay Cards for use by default, whereas you have to earn them when playing online.

Hopefully Turtle Rock Studios can find a way to please Solo Campaign fans in the near future, but we're presuming there isn't enough time to implement a change before the big Xbox Game Pass launch this coming Tuesday.

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