Everything You Need To Know About Back 4 Blood On Xbox Game Pass

Back 4 Blood was a surprise announcement for Xbox Game Pass during the company's E3 presentation back in June. It's not a first-party title, nor is it part of the EA Play selection, but instead it's another huge third-party title arriving day one, akin to Outriders and MLB The Show 21 earlier this year.

Since its coming to Xbox Game Pass, many players who wouldn't have dived in before may be tempted to check out the game when it drops. We've put together this guide ahead of its launch to give you an indication for what to expect.

What Is Back 4 Blood?

Simply put, Back 4 Blood is a spiritual successor to the iconic Left 4 Dead series. It's practically a sequel in all but name. Comprised of team members who worked on the original series, the upcoming multiplayer shooter focuses on capturing that same lighting in a bottle.

Up to four players can battle it out against waves upon waves of undead. Set in first-person, you'll come toe-to-toe with some truly grotesque monsters, including some unique variants with specific skills such as being able to spit acid. A mechanic known as the Game Director AI works to keep pushing relentless waves of infected at you, ensuring no two games play the same.

It's not all guns blazing, however. You'll also be able to take control of the infected in certain modes, changing up the way you play as you go against the humans. There are even some rogue-lite elements with an in-game card system, which adds modifiers to each runthrough of the game.

Here's the official description from the Microsoft Store:

Back 4 Blood is a thrilling cooperative first-person shooter from the creators of the critically acclaimed Left 4 Dead franchise. You are at the center of a war against the Ridden. These once-human hosts of a deadly parasite have turned into terrifying creatures bent on devouring what remains of civilization. With humanity's extinction on the line, it's up to you and your friends to take the fight to the enemy, eradicate the Ridden, and reclaim the world.

What Is Back 4 Blood’s Release Date On Xbox Game Pass?

Back 4 Blood is launching on October 12, also available to all Xbox Game Pass members on the same day.

Which Xbox Platforms Is Back 4 Blood Coming To?

Players can check out Back 4 Blood on any of the following platforms via Xbox Game Pass:

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X
  • Xbox Series S
  • PC

Is There A Beta For Back 4 Blood?

Yep! In fact, the beta will be hosted over two weekends. The first is between August 5-9, but is exclusively for anyone who has pre-ordered the game, so won't be eligible for Xbox Game Pass members.

Another is taking place between August 12-16, and thankfully this one is open to all players. There's going to be a ton of content included, such as multiple maps, both PvE and PvP modes, and a communal hub for players to wind down in. Be sure to check it out if you have any interest.

What Is The Release Date / Start Time For The Back 4 Blood Beta?

  • Pre-Order Beta: August 5-9, 12pm PT / 3pm ET / 8pm BST
  • Open Beta: August 12-16, 12pm PT / 3pm ET / 8pm BST
Everything You Need To Know About Back 4 Blood On Xbox Game Pass

Will Back 4 Blood Support Cross-Play?

Developer Turtle Rock Studios has confirmed the game will support cross-play AND cross-gen support. This means no matter what console you're on, you'll be able to play with friends on other systems. Got an Xbox but your mates have a PlayStation? Don't worry, you won't miss out!

Is Back 4 Blood Getting Any Post-Launch Content?

Like many other games, Back 4 Blood will be getting post-launch support in the form of paid DLC. However, unlike every other game, Turtle Rock Studios is enabling something pretty cool for players.

To check out the DLC, only the party leader needs to have purchased the additional content, including campaigns, characters, and more. As a result, everyone else can reap the benefits.

"If your party leader owns a paid content drop, you will be able to play that content with them - including maps, gameplay and campaigns.

No separation. No exclusion. No split."

Looking forward to trying out Back 4 Blood on Xbox Game Pass? Let us know in the comments below.

Excited For Back 4 Blood On Xbox Game Pass?

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