Xbox Is Allowing You To 'Bring Back' Your Old Xbox 360 Gamerpic
Image: @neonepiphany

If you've got fond memories of the Xbox 360 generation, and happen to be an "Alpha Skip Ahead Insider", you can now officially revert to your old gamerpic on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S. The feature is rolling out first to Xbox Insiders, with everyone else said to be getting it "eventually" assuming it doesn't face any issues.

As explained by Xbox's Eden Marie, you'll need to navigate over to the "change gamerpic" screen to do this. This will only show up if you've had a Xbox 360 gamerpic in the past, and "you'll need to change your pic on Xbox 360 if you want to use others". In a nutshell, any future changes you make will carry across from your Xbox 360 console.

This follows on from a fix in August, which made Xbox 360 gamerpics larger on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

Will you be reverting to your old Xbox 360 avatar on your new system? Leave a comment down below.