Xbox 360 Gamerpics Are Getting 'Fixed' For Xbox One, Series X|S
Image: @neonepiphany

If you're still rocking a classic Xbox 360 gamerpic you might have noticed it's got increasingly smaller whenever a new generation arrives. There's normally a grey background on it as well.

Fortunately, Xbox will soon be updating how these pictures look after Twitter user @noukon earlier this week noted how their Pac-Man Ghost gamerpic kept getting smaller and smaller. Xbox's engineering lead, Eden Marie, made it her personal mission to investigate what was going on, and has now revealed an update is on the way.

Apart from the above user, this should come as welcome news for anyone else who is still using the icons from this particular Xbox generation. The same Xbox employee has also gone into much greater detail about how these changes were implemented in a series of tweets if you do want to learn more. It only took her a few days to fix!

So, there you have it - expect an update for this in the future which will make these classic pics larger and transparent. Is this the update you've been waiting for? Tell us down below.