Xbox Game Studios' Deathloop Becomes One Of The Highest Reviewed PS5 Games Of 2021

Deathloop arrives on PS5 tomorrow and has already become one of the highest-rated games of 2021. While we wouldn't usually comment on PlayStation console exclusive titles, it's a bit more interesting here, purely because the game comes from Arkane Studios, one of Bethesda's developers. Of course, we all now know both of these companies are part of Xbox's first-party lineup, so the reviews for Deathloop have us particularly excited for its inevitable launch on Xbox in the future.

It's previously been noted the game holds a 12-month console exclusivity window with PlayStation, something that was agreed upon before the Bethesda acquisition. But that doesn't mean we can't get excited about the game in advance. A few journalists have been quick to point out that Deathloop, which is being labelled by some as the 'best PS5 exclusive' so far, is actually from an Xbox-owned studio.

Judging by the reaction today, it seems Arkane Lyon has knocked it out of the park with their latest first-person shooter. Outlets such as IGN and GameSpot have awarded the game a prestigious 10/10 rating, with others scoring it either 9s or 8s. As a result, the game is sitting at a Metacritic score of 88, making it one of 2021's highest-rated PS5 titles, just below Hades.

Here are what a few outlets are saying about the game:

IGN (10/10)

Despite its seemingly endless complexities, Deathloop is one of the most confidently designed games I’ve ever played. Arkane Studios has crafted a world made of ideas linked by meaningful connections; time influences space, space influences tactics, and tactics influence loadouts.

GameSpot (10/10)

Perhaps the most laudable part of Deathloop is how it takes so many seemingly disparate things and creates harmony between them. Gameplay systems that feel isolated become pieces of a bigger puzzle, and when you see how they seamlessly connect together, you realize how special an achievement it really is. Similarly, on paper, the different aesthetics should be like oil and water, but they come together effortlessly to be part of a greater whole, and, for me, that's what Deathloop is really about.

GamesRadar (9/10)

My impression of Deathloop seemed to shift with every passing hour and, as a result, it's difficult to not be impressed – if not thoroughly enthralled – with what Arkane has pieced together here. It's different, it's stylish, it's new. You won't play anything else quite like Deathloop for a very long time.

Push Square (8/10)

Few games have the confidence and swagger of Deathloop. Packed full of charisma and wit, it's a game that can be played your way, with your own style and cunning. A very accomplished package of gameplay features supplies the goods, and the time loop delivers fun and deceitful opportunities over and over again. Deathloop may be the final game out of Arkane Studios to hit Sony consoles, but the developer goes out with an undisputed bang.

We must say, we're incredibly jealous of all the PlayStation owners who are diving into the game this week. As for us Xbox players, we're hopeful the game will be coming to us next September, and of course, joining Game Pass day one.

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