There's a crazy number of titles joining Xbox Game Pass for the remainder of September. Over 10 games have been announced today, many of which will be joining the same day they release. One that has stood out to us is Unsighted, a fantastic looking 2D RPG that reminds us of a previous Game Pass title, CrossCode.

Players will find themselves engaging in frantic 2D battles within a beautiful pixel art world. It's not all hacking and slashing, as players will also come across puzzles and gain new abilities to find new secrets throughout the environment. The art style and gameplay look highly reminiscent of CrossCode, a game we loved during its time on Xbox Game Pass. While we're not expecting a copy of that formula, it does seems like it could scratch that itch.

Key Features

- Explore the interconnected paths of Arcadia, finding its shortcuts and secrets.

- Time is always ticking, don't let your (and anyone else's) Anima run out.

- Solve puzzles and gather new abilities and tools to get past obstacles.Many different weapons, from melee to ranged, to suit your play style.

- Need more stamina? Upgrade yourself with a wide variety of chips.

- Highly replayable and non-linear, try to find the fastest route to your objectives.

- Cooperative gameplay available.

Unsighted is just one of many excellent looking indies coming to Xbox Game Pass, some of which we've checked out in the past. You've got some great choices with titles such as Superliminal and the upcoming Sable. It's looking to be a great end to the month, and now we just need to find the time to play all of these.

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