Splitgate Team 'Triggers' Fans By Announcing It Will Have Forge Mode Before Halo Infinite

The free-to-play behemoth that is Splitgate is on a roll right now, and the team took to Twitter yesterday to jokingly (but officially) announce that the game will feature a type of Forge mode before Halo Infinite gets one, with 343 recently stating that the new Halo won't include the level editing feature at launch this December.

The team responded to a KFC Gaming tweet of all things, which requested people to "trigger an entire gaming fanbase with one sentence". Apologising in advance to Halo fans, the Splitgate team had the following to say:

This did trigger a lot of Halo fans in the comments, although the Splitgate team went on to explain they (probably) won't call it Forge mode, despite it acting as a map editor where you can "place portal pads anywhere you want".

Despite what you might think, the Splitgate crew are legitimately huge fans of the Halo franchise, sharing their memories of the Halo Reach launch on Twitter the other day, and you can feel a heavy influence in the game as well.

Additionally, in case you missed it, Splitgate was recently granted an additional $100 million (!) in funding, which the team says it will use to take the game "to the next level" and grow to "become the next big AAA studio".

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