Xbox Owner Shares Hilarious Setup To Combat Their Overheating Console
Image: Reddit user CicadaEducational

We've all come up with unusual contraptions to fix household issues, but this one Reddit user who worked to fix their overheating Xbox One is perhaps one of the most elaborate we've seen.

Having had a faulty Apple Mac laptop that needed to be propped up against a fan at a 45-degree angle, we feel Reddit user CicadaEducational's pain. However, we're not entirely sure about the logistics behind their operation.

Originally, they simply propped up a fan to their console, dubbing it a "professional Xbox cooling system". The reason for this was because the console was getting too hot, according to the author's response in the Reddit thread.

That being said, it’s very difficult for an original Xbox One to overheat, as mentioned by a few users, purely due to how they were built to combat the issue. We imagine the issues here stem from a build-up of dust, so we're not entirely sure how well a fan will do to combat it.

As some other users have also pointed out, the fan also runs the risk of falling over, taking the console with it in the process. A quick fix was deployed rapidly, leading to a hilarious result that involved a lot of paper and a ton of sellotape. We're not quite sure this is going to cut it...

Reddit has been home to some fairly amusing stories recently, one of the best being the events surrounding a fly that got trapped inside an Xbox Series X. That being said, we probably don't recommend creating contraptions such as this and suggest sending your console in for repairs if you run into any heating problems.

Got any funny experiences to keep an old console working? Drop us a comment and let us know.

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