Random: ‘There's A Fly In My Xbox’, Says Series X Owner

Sometimes somebody tells a story that's so bizarre, you just have to share it. In the case of this poor soul, their console was seemingly attacked by some flies who flew into their Xbox Series X with disastrous results.

As shared by Reddit user The Blue Wizard, the vents on the top of their Xbox Series X have proven to do more harm than good. They thought nothing of seeing a fly on their TV recently, but panic ensued when the insect flew into the vent.

Not only that, but another fly later attacked the console as well, again flying straight into the vent. Of course, the author is wondering what's going on and whether this is some sort of insect vendetta against his shiny next-gen machine.

Reading further down into the thread at some of the comments, it seems the author's luck hasn't improved. They claimed they've left the console for now as "bits of the fly have been blown into the corners". Yuck!

On a more serious note, a Reddit user has replied hoping that Microsoft sees this post and takes note. While the huge vent holes are great for ventilation, it's obviously an invitation for creepy crawlies to venture in, either to be killed or as the commenter themselves put, "thrive".

"All jokes aside, I actually hope that the MS industrial design team takes look at this post. This is a good case example of unintended consequences of a vertical-orientation + heat + enormous vent holes. As silly as this sounds, the design literally attracts flies, spiders and other household insects into the machine to either die and potentially cause micro electrical shorts, or live, and you know…thrive…"

We sympathise with the situation. While we've not directly had any insects jump to their death into our Xbox Series X consoles just yet, but there have been one or two near misses of debris falling in.

Sounds like this person (and the flies) just got very unlucky!

Had any scary moments with your Xbox Series X yet? Drop us a comment and let us know

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