We've been keeping an eye on the self-proclaimed "cosmic-horror FPS" known as Quantum Error for a while now, and TeamKill Media has confirmed that the game is moving over to Unreal Engine 5 for development.

You can get a look at the teaser trailer above, all of which is captured in real-time running in Unreal Engine 5. If you haven't been keeping in the loop, UE5 was unveiled last year and various developers have since moved over to it.

The game itself is centred around a rescue mission which "quickly plummets into darkness" when you arrive and find that things are not as they appear. Quantum Error had been given a release window of "late 2021" this time last year, but the intent is now to release "around Spring 2022".

If you're intrigued, we were treated to 18 minutes of (UE4) footage earlier this year, which you can watch below.

Looking forward to Quantum Error? Give us your thoughts on what you've seen so far down below.