PlayStation Acquires Metal Gear Solid HD Devs BluePoint Games
Image: Konami

The acquisitions just keep ramping up over at PlayStation HQ as the company has now acquired BluePoint Games, which previously worked on Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and the Xbox 360 port of Titanfall.

It's no huge surprise this acquisition has been made, considering the developer has solely been working with PlayStation in recent years. There have been some fantastic remakes such as the recent Demon's Souls, along with some beloved remasters in the form of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection.

The news was announced in a PlayStation Blog, which welcomed the company into the PlayStation family. According to BluePoint Games' president Marco Thrust, becoming a first-party studio "empowers [the] team to raise the quality-bar even further and create even more impactful experiences for the PlayStation community".

But what does this mean for Xbox? Well, there's been rumblings for a long time now that a Metal Gear Solid remake is in the works, with many hoping BluePoint Games would helm it. However, according to Thrush in an interview with IGN, the team is working on something original for their next title.

"Our next project, we're working on original content right now. We can't talk about what that is, but that's the next step in the evolution for us."

It seems the monopoly of collecting game studios is continuing between Microsoft and Sony. After last year's huge announcement that Xbox had acquired ZeniMax Media - resulting in developers such as Bethesda and id Software joining the first-party line-up - news on future acquisitions has been low.

Of course, there have been rumours galore, with them spiralling out of control massively this month. Other companies such as SEGA and Square Enix have entered the conversation, but don't seem to hold any weight at present. We doubt Xbox is done bringing developers into its first-party fold, but we'll just have to wait and see what the future has in store.

Either way, congrats to Sony on acquiring BluePoint Games, along with Firesprite earlier this month. No doubt the future of PlayStation, just like Xbox, is looking bright with some promising titles on the way.

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