Myst Is Bringing Back Its Classic 90s FMVs To Xbox Game Pass
Image: Cyan Worlds

Myst joined Xbox Game Pass last month, and despite being originally released in the 90s, the Xbox version has been completely reworked for a modern audience. That being said, some fans have held onto the past and requested the classic 90s in-game videos to be restored, and developer Cyan Worlds has listened.

Coming soon to Myst is Patch 3, which will include a "Classic Video Mode". Fans of the original game will be able to view the original performances from Rand and Robyn Miller, giving everyone that nostalgic feeling they've been craving. However, not all the videos have been restored, as explained by Cyan Worlds' Hannah Gamiel below.

The patch is currently available on various PC storefronts such as Steam and the Epic Game Store, but it's been confirmed to be arriving on Xbox (included with Game Pass) as soon as the patch has passed certification. We imagine it will be with everyone in the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled for this lovely little addition.

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