Microsoft Rewards: Earn 1000 Easy Points With These Xbox Punch Cards

Microsoft Rewards is throwing loads of new goodies at us at the moment, including the usual Monthly Bonus Round offering of 2000+ points for September, along with some special new punch cards.

How To Complete The MS Rewards '[email protected]' Punch Card

The first of these is called the "Microsoft Rewards Top 10: [email protected]" punch card, which challenges you to earn one achievement for 500 points from Gang Beasts, Hades, Enter the Gungeon, No Man's Sky, The Ascent, Art of Rally, Twelve Minutes, Overcooked 2, Omno or Maneater. Here are some easy Art of Rally tips to help you complete this one:

(This is available in at least the UK, US and Australia.)

How To Complete The MS Rewards 'State of Decay 2' Punch Card

The second punch card to look out for is State of Decay 2: Homecoming, which celebrates the new update for the game on Xbox Game Pass. Again, this will give you 500 points for completing an achievement in State of Decay 2, and you can also get an extra 1000 by renting a specific movie and finishing the punch card if you want to.

According to reports, you don't have to complete one of the new achievements as advertised, so any State of Decay 2 achievement should do. Here are some examples that you'll be able to finish pretty quickly:

  • Puppies and Kittens (Kill 100 Zombies)
  • Toothpaste Piñatas (Search 10 containers)
  • Construction Complete (Build a facility at your base)
  • Lily, We're Home (NEW) (Claim a base in the Trumbull Valley map)

(This is available in at least the UK and US.)

Don't forget to activate these punch cards via the Microsoft Rewards Xbox app before you start trying to complete them, or your progress won't track. There have been reports that the State of Decay one is struggling to track as well.

Have you managed to complete these MS Rewards punch cards yet? Tell us down below!