Despite State of Decay 3 being in the works, Undead Labs has released another free expansion for State of Decay 2, adding a fifth map for all players - including Xbox Game Pass members.

Titled Homecoming, the update allows players to visit Trumbull Valley, the map found in the first game. Set after the events of the Heartland update, you'll "discover loot, easter eggs, and story missions exclusive to Trumbull Valley that can’t be found anywhere else".

Additionally, the update also includes the Trifecta Pack, the game's twelfth bounty pack that is said to come with "three collectable sets available from the Bounty Broker". Two new achievements have also been added and completing one of them (or any existing achievement) will allow players to earn 500 Microsoft Rewards points.

It's fantastic to see the support continue for SOD 2, especially with an expansion that lovingly ties into the original game. There's still no word on when SOD 3 will be rearing its head, but we'll happily take these updates in the meantime.

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