Halo Infinite

When Microsoft revealed the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X in August, the system sold out in most parts of the world in record time. Being "limited-edition", it's raised questions about a possible restock.

The good news is there seems to be news doing the rounds online about one happening between now and 12th September. According to Gaming Intel, GameStop, Best Buy, Amazon and several other online stores will be getting more stock. While this restock appears to be for the US, it likely means other regions will also get some more of these systems.

When the Halo XSX was originally announced, it didn't take long before scalpers were listing it for more than $1,000 on sites like eBay. Sadly, the same problems occurred when the standard model Xbox Series X arrived last November.

Were you able to secure one of the limited-edition XSX when they were announced? Will you be grabbing one if more are made available? Leave a comment down below.

[source gamingintel.com, via techtimes.com]