Focus Home Interactive Has Rebranded As Focus Entertainment
Image: Focus Entertainment

Following Focus Home Interactive's acquisition of Deck13 Interactive, StreumOn Studio, Dotemu and its label The Arcade Crew, the company has decided to rebrand to Focus Entertainment.

In a statement from the company today, it was revealed the decision was to "integrate talents and studios with singular visions in [their] strong and ambitious Group, to promote value creation, anticipate new trends, and unique gameplay".

The company has been known to own an extremely varied catalogue of titles in recent years. We've had an array of hits, such as A Plague Tale: Innocence, or more recently, Aliens: Fireteam Elite. Changing the company title to Entertainment is said to be "representative of [their] desire to diversify its games, products, services and revenue streams".

"From now on, the Focus Entertainment brand covers all of Focus' activities, with the term Entertainment being representative of the desire to diversify its games, products, services and revenue streams. Entertainment also emphasizes the ambition to offer players around the world unique experiences, supported by an editorial policy that stands out thanks to innovative concepts, inventive gameplay and original worlds that transcend the boundaries of video games."

Going forward, there's a lot of interesting games coming from Focus Entertainment. Aeon Must Die and Evil West are two upcoming indies that have grabbed our attention, but bigger titles such as Insurgency: Sandstorm and the much-anticipated sequel A Plague Tale: Requiem also call to us.

While it doesn't seem to be impacting any day-to-day operations, the rebranding will make it clearer what titles the company owns, hopefully leading to an exciting future.

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