As promised, a new taste of Saints Row has been delivered from developer Volition and publisher Deep Silver, following an increasing amount of fan backlash after its initial reveal at Gamescom Opening Night Live earlier this week.

The original CGI trailer for the game was met with a huge amount of dislikes on YouTube, outweighing the positive reactions. Many felt the reboot was losing the spirit of the series, and were alienated by the direction it seemed to be taking. However, this extended trailer should hopefully put some minds at ease.

Featuring a mixture of developer conversations, gameplay and in-game cutscenes, it's clear the team understands the tone of the original games, whilst also trying to modernise a lot of its systems. The chaotic action fans have come to love seems to be in full force and the emphasis on building a close-knit group of characters is definitely in play.

With the game releasing on February 25, 2022, it's too late for any substantial changes to be made without a hefty delay. Fingers crossed this puts a lot of minds at rest and judging by the reaction on YouTube to the trailer, it seems to be working. Mostly.

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