Update: As promised, a new Saints Row trailer has been shared today with extra gameplay footage.

Original story: Ever since the announcement of the Saints Row reboot earlier this week, the opinion from the community has been very divided. Some love it, some hate it, and judging by the YouTube likes to dislike ratio, it seems more people are in the latter category right now. This negative reaction has prompted the game's social media account to comment back to fans who aren't fully on board, alerting them that they won't be "backing down".

In response to one fan's criticisms of the game, the Saints Row account said they "are not backing down on this", but they understand the mixed feedback to the title following its reveal at Gamescom Opening Night Live.

The showing at Gamescom provided a tease of gameplay but it was very brief. The team said it understands the direction for the game "is a shock" and has promised more gameplay is on its way today.

Perhaps this new look at the game will bring down the heat a little bit, as it seems a bit too early to judge the new Saints Row based on a CGI trailer and a small snippet of gameplay. Previews for the game were actually fairly positive, with our sister site Push Square saying that it still looks very much like Saints Row in action.

Saints Row is expected to arrive in February next year, assuming it doesn't get delayed in the meantime.

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