Eidos Montreal has dropped a new in-game cinematic of its upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy game, demonstrating that it won't be an entirely 'hands-off' experience during cutscenes.

The short but sweet scene introduces the villainous character Lady Hellbender, who meets the five quirky heroes. After a player choice is made "to con her by pretending to sell a 'rare monster', either Rocket or Groot, depending on the player's choices", the personalities of each character are given some time to shine.

Later on in the clip, it's seen that players are able to make a choice in the scenario, allowing either Star Lord to take the reigns, or Drax to control the situation. It seems while Eidos Montreal is moving to something more action focused, it's still embracing its RPG roots found in games such as Deus Ex.

If you want to learn more about the clip above, Eidos Montreal has also released a developer commentary version to provide further insight:

It's claimed Guardians of the Galaxy will have twice as many lines of dialogue compared to Deus Ex games. Characters will not only talk in cutscenes, but also natter as you explore the world. For anyone that's familiar with the source material, you'll know these characters aren't prone to being quiet.

Guardians of the Galaxy is expected to launch on October 26, and is a completely single-player adventure, unlike Marvel's Avengers. It seems to be taking influences from games such as Mass Effect, so we hope it can live up to some weighty expectations.

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