Eidos Montréal seems like a weird developer to take on Guardians of the Galaxy, considering their main catalogue of work has centred around immersive sims such as the Deus Ex series. But the team surprised everyone with the fantastic Shadow of the Tomb Raider a few years back, and when you think about how chatty the characters are in the Guardians of the Galaxy along with the explosive set-pieces it's known for, it actually makes perfect sense.

In fact, those worried about this game being a step back from the developer's previous works needn't worry. A recent interview with senior gameplay director Patrick Fortier at Game Informer has revealed that the game has "twice as much dialogue" as Deus Ex, which was already packed with tons of speech.

"I think we have twice as much dialogue in this game than a Deus Ex game. They say a lot of stuff. Sometimes it's fun, we're testing the game and we're putting the controller down because we're writing some notes or whatever and then they'll start [being like] 'yo, remember that time on...' and 'oh yeah, that was a fun night'. You'll start hearing anecdotes or things about how they met. The more time you give the game, the more it's going to give back - it's that kind of a game."

Fortier also elaborated on how you'll be able to find collectibles in the world and give them to other members of the team on your ship. These are entirely optional, but will further expand the lore of the world and the relationship between the characters.

With the RPG-lite elements and the action orientated gameplay, it seems Eidos Montréal's latest effort is a perfect marriage of the immersive sims they're known for and the incredible action incorporated into Shadow of the Tomb Raider. It looks as though the team understands the IP and is working to make something special for not just Marvel fans, but everyone.

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