Forza Horizon 5 is coming to Xbox this November, and it looks gorgeous. We've been treated to an array of trailers, interviews and more, but these raw footage videos are perhaps the best look at the game we've had thus far.

In the first video, we have just over 11 minutes of footage to gorge our eyes on (thanks to YouTuber, Don Joewon Song). The gameplay mainly sticks to the desert biome, but we do get a deeper look at the game's map, following on from its reveal the other day. While the racing is definitely a highlight, the standout moment for us is a look at the game's in-depth customisation options in regards to vehicles.

A snippet of the gameplay looks at a 2020 Toyota Supra being upgraded. The car's rims, rear wing and more are seen to be tweaked, and we can't wait to start creating our dream rides.

However, if you're looking to just take in the scenery and open road of Forza Horizon 5, IGN has uploaded 14 minutes of relatively commentary free gameplay. It provides another good taste of what exploring the world will feel like, as well as a chance to hear the beautiful roar of the engines as the cars tear across the dry, desert roads.

Forza Horizon is shaping up to be the biggest entry in the series thus far. A recent look at the game's 11 biomes showcased some huge environmental differences in the map. It also has a huge emphasis on weather, which could potentially lead to some exhilarating moments.

Roll on November 9!

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