Riders Republic, an "open world sports paradise" from Ubisoft set to arrive on Xbox this October, held its first (and presumably only) beta on Xbox last week, and it seems like the majority of players really enjoyed their time with it.

The beta was initially 'invite-only' before opening up to everyone last Wednesday, and allowed players to bike, ski, snowboard and wingsuit their way through the world. Here are some highlights from Twitter:


In addition, our sister site Push Square published a 'hands on' preview of the beta last week and called it "obnoxious but awesome", highlighting that "once the shackles are released, Riders Republic is the kind of game where you’ll want to spend time in it just to explore the boundaries of what’s possible."

That's not to say everyone is perfectly happy with it, as members of the Riders Republic Reddit community have pointed out plenty of areas for improvement over the past week. In a poll of nearly 1000 users, the majority there (381 people) classed it as a "good" experience so far, 239 said they "loved" it, 225 called it "meh", and 146 said they "didn't like it".

How about you? Did you get to try the Riders Republic beta last week? Give us your thoughts down below.

What Did You Think Of The Riders Republic Beta?