Xbox Game Pass is perfect for consumers. As members of the service, we'll gladly take numerous games entering the service day one, additional perks, and embrace the money we've saved over the years. It's also extremely beneficial from a developer's standpoint too - at least according to the team working on the upcoming Replaced, which says developers "should grab this opportunity and never look back".

During our exclusive interview with Sad Cat Studios co-founders Yura Zhdanovich and Igor Gritsay, we approached them about the topic of Xbox Game Pass. With Replaced hitting the service day one when it launches next year, we wondered how they felt about the decision to join up with Xbox's subscription service. Zhdanovich claimed it was something they didn't even think about for more than five seconds.

"When we were given the opportunity to enter Game Pass and sign a deal, we weren't thinking for more than five seconds about it because it was a really good opportunity and right now developers who are making their games, maybe their first games, should grab this opportunity and never look back because it can be very great."

Gritsay added that while the service might not be for every developer (such as certain AAA studios), for indie developers it's a great opportunity, not just for the financial support, but also "getting a lot of marketing and discoverability for players".

"Today I think Game Pass is a great way to check out lots of games, and if you want to support the developers you can purchase it. But Game Pass is also a really great deal for developers. Well, not every developer. I don’t think a triple AAA studio like Rockstar actually needs that because they have that giant marketing reach. But for almost every indie developer, it’s not just about money, it’s about getting a lot of marketing and discoverability for players."

The team working on Replaced also praised Xbox's love for the indie market in another interview last month. Phil Spencer himself called out the game on Twitter as one of his favourite showings from the Xbox E3 Showcase, so all eyes are on Sad Cat Studios to deliver. We'll have to wait until next year to see the full results.

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