Phil Spencer Cherry Picks Two Indies From The Xbox E3 Showcase He's Excited For
Image: Coatsink

So many games were thrown at us during Xbox's E3 Showcase yesterday that one or two may have slipped past you. It was an action-packed conference with very little room to breathe as games came thick and fast. Luckily, Xbox head Phil Spencer is here to highlight two of the smaller titles during the showcase that you should definitely keep an eye out for.

The first one is Replaced - a 2.5D action platformer that has truly impressive pixel art, coming in 2022. Even more exciting is the brutal combat, which looks as glorious and as it does intense. Spencer says the game strikes him as being "unique and different" and he was "proud to have it in the show."

Next up is the snowboarding game Shredders, arriving later this year. You may not know, but Spencer is in fact a pretty avid snowboarding fan himself, so obviously this game is right down his alley. It looks excellent, featuring gorgeous visuals and slick tricks, and he added that seeing the game in previews has put a "huge smile on [his] face".

There have been so many great indie titles shown during this E3 that the next few months are looking spectacular. When you've got incredible looking games such as these coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one, it's hard to look at the next few months (and years!) and think they'll be anything but very exciting for Xbox fans.

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