Quake Is Getting A Limited Run Physical Edition, But Not For Xbox

Microsoft and Bethesda surprised us all with the announcement of an elaborate Quake remaster yesterday, launching straight into Xbox Game Pass for console, PC and the cloud, which went down an absolute treat with Xbox fans.

However, there is a big downside if you're a fan of physical editions, as while Quake will be getting a Limited Run offering in Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate forms, they will be limited to just PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

As you can imagine, this has been met with a lot of disappointment considering Xbox actually owns Bethesda now (and therefore, the Quake IP), and Limited Run has yet to provide an explanation for why there isn't an Xbox version.

However, if you piece it together, you can kind of see why it's happened. Back in May, the team at Limited Run Games confirmed that they were "official Xbox partners" as of 2020, but it had "taken a really long time to just get paperwork going" and the intent was to "really start going full steam ahead with Xbox soon", but clearly that hasn't happened yet.

Here's what Limited Run Games' co-founders had to say to the Xbox Expansion Pass podcast in May:

"We're making really good progress. We’re officially Xbox partners, so we're hoping to have more to reveal soon. It happened last year that we were officially brought on, but it's taken a really long time to just get paperwork going because Xbox wants us to do certain things first..."

"We work with Bethesda all the time and Microsoft just bought Bethesda, and it’s really weird that the DOOM releases we’ve done are not on Xbox - it doesn’t make any sense. We work with Double Fine pretty often - we’ve released a few of their games. So to not have those as Xbox releases physically is weird because they’re also another first-party company now. So, I think one of our big, initial initiatives on Xbox will be to correct those things..."

"Hopefully everything gets sorted out and we can really start going full steam ahead with Xbox soon."

We can only hope that Limited Run Games will find a way to rectify the issues and re-release Quake (and DOOM!) for Xbox at some point in the future, which the company is also intending to do with Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game. Unlike that game though, Limited Run hasn't said anything about an Xbox release of Quake at the time of writing.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you buy a Quake Limited Run edition for Xbox? Tell us below.