Scott Pilgrim Is Getting A Limited Physical Xbox Release, Just Not Yet

As we've already noted today, next week marks the release of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game - Complete Edition, which is finally coming back to Xbox for the first time since the original was delisted back in 2014.

The game will be released digitally when it arrives on Thursday, January 14th, but the company Limited Run has surprisingly promised it will be offering the game in physical form later this year - in limited numbers, of course.

"Please note that while we are only doing pre-orders for physical copies of PS4 & Nintendo Switch next Friday, we plan on doing Xbox One at a future date. Stay tuned to our newsletter & social feeds for any related announcements later in the year!"

As the message reads, both the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch editions of the game are getting Limited Run pre-orders next week, with three different versions available - Standard, Classic and KO.

Classic features a deluxe clamshell retro box, CD soundtrack, folded overworld map, and sticker sheet, while the KO edition includes an authentic hardshell roadie case box with a pop-up scene (with working lights and music!).

It remains to be seen whether all three of these versions will be available with the Xbox release as well.

Will you be looking to pick one of these up later this year? Let us know in the comments below.