Psychonauts Creator Tim Schafer Would Love To Remake The Original Game
Image: Double Fine

Psychonauts 2 is nearly upon us, with many players set to jump into the series for the first time on August 25. While the original game is also available on Xbox Game Pass, some are sceptical to go and replay it due to its age, but a remake is something the game's creator Tim Schafer has said is "possible in the future".

In an interview with Gamerheadquarters (thanks, The Gamer), Schafer was asked about the prospects of a remake for the original Psychonauts. While he said it was something that would perhaps take more work than creating a sequel, it's still something he "would love" to do.

"A lot of source material doesn’t exist, such as the cutscenes and they’d have to be done from scratch. It’s possible in the future, a sequel would actually be easier than doing the first one. The acting, lots of things hold up well. Someday we would love to."

We're not expecting anything to come from this. The work to make it happen sounds astronomical, as a bunch of the source material ceases to exist today. However, Schafer's comments about it being possible and something he would love to do fills us with at least a bit of confidence.

That said, the original game actually stands up pretty well - even Xbox boss Phil Spencer is amazed how well it holds up. We took a trip down memory lane with the game when it hit Xbox Game Pass earlier this year and really loved revisiting this classic. Of course, wouldn't say no to a remake!

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