It's no secret that Psychonauts 2 has been tailored for the Xbox Series X and Series S. Since Microsoft's acquisition of Double Fine, resources were used to create a next-gen specific version for Xbox, and the results have paid off.

A new analysis from YouTuber ElAnalistaDeBit has looked into the loading times for each version of the game. To no surprise, the Xbox Series X and Series S versions perform much better than any other system - including the PlayStation 5, which is running the PS4 version of the game via backwards compatibility.

The Xbox Series X version comes in with a phenomenal 7.26 seconds, with the Series S almost tied with 7.46 seconds. By comparison, the PlayStation 5 version through backwards compatibility resides at 19.10 seconds.

All next-gen consoles are drastically better than the Xbox One systems, with the fastest being the Xbox One X at 1 minute and 2.76 seconds. It's an eye-opening example of how fantastic all three of the next-gen systems are. It's also worth crediting the PlayStation 5, which shows impressive speeds despite not running a native next-gen version.

If you're an Xbox Series X or Series S owner, it looks as though you're in for a good, speedy time. We're still awaiting the Digital Foundry verdict on the game, but rest assured we'll bring it to you as soon as it drops.

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