Art Of Rally Patch Fixes 'Press Any Button To Start' Issue

Art of Rally launched onto Xbox Game Pass last week, and while it proved to be a lovely little title, it came with one small caveat - players were plagued with an issue that would stop them from being able to sign in. Luckily, there was a workaround for the issue, but a new patch has reportedly rectified the problem for good.

The patch also targets the language issues that were reported, and an assortment of other fixes have been deployed for controller problems when multiple players were plugged in, strobing on the Xbox Series S version and more.

Thankfully the issues have been resolved swiftly, and players who have been diving into the game seem to be loving it. Originally, Art of Rally was on PC and was met with fantastic reviews from fans and critics alike, and luckily, nothing appears to have been lost in translation. It was a bit buggy for a while, but hopefully that's all in the past now.

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How Are You Getting On With Art Of Rally?