You may or may not remember news of an upcoming Kickstarter campaign which aimed to turn the Xbox Series S into a portable machine. By clipping in a screen, you'd be able to take your digital next-gen console on the go, ensuring that you're never too far from your favourite games. It's a unique alternative to Xbox Cloud Gaming, and one that managed to hit its Kickstarter goal in just 20 short minutes after it launched.

UPspec gaming, the company behind the peripheral, announced on Twitter that it had reached its Kickstarter goal within the first 20 minutes. Originally, the goal was $9,703, but it now sits at $52,183 at the time of writing.

For those who missed out on the initial announcement, the "xScreen transforms your Xbox Series S into a laptop form factor that can be easily transported and used anywhere there is a power outlet", according to the Kickstarter page. Initially designed for just family and friends, its success has encouraged the team to bring it to more people.

It works by simply connecting the screen via the HDMI and USB ports. You'll still need a power cable, but it alleviates the need for a HDMI cable. There are also various accessories to pick up, including a side clip, stand and carrying case.

Delivery is expected to begin in early 2022 and you can still back the Kickstarter now. An early bird special remains live for £189 / $249. Alternatively, you can register for as little as $1 and be granted a pre-order reservation, or just do it to show your support. Check out the full Kickstarter campaign on the website and see if it tickles your fancy.

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